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Dear parents/guardians,

Our first “Tag Day” event of the year will be conducted on Friday, 20 October and finish on Sunday, 22 October. All cadets will be required to tag a minimum of three out of four shifts. Online registration is mandatory for coordinating and tracking purposes. Please go to our web site for shift schedule information and cadet sign-up. Tag Day is vital to the successful operation of our squadron and we also require your assistance with driving. All monies raised directly benefit your son/daughter/ward to participate in all our exciting squadron activities.

We understand there are circumstances which may interfere with your son/daughter attending 3 out of 4 shifts. However, since this is a team effort and everyone needs to contribute, we expect each cadet to be responsible for covering their fair share in revenue loss. We estimate each shift at $50 and parents can make a donation to the Squadron (a charitable donation tax receipt will be provided).

By now all cadets should be aware of the general premise of tag days. All cadets require a tag box and tags to collect donations from the community. These will be issued when they arrive for their shift. Parent drivers will sign-in on the drivers log sheet and then proceed to shuttle groups of cadets to their designated location(s). At the end of each tagging shift, the same parent driver will then return to the same location(s) to pick-up the cadets. A lunch will be provided to those cadets who work the whole day on Saturday. Some parents may also be requested by the SSC or staff to remain on site to provide general assistance where required.

            The Air Cadet League requires all volunteer drivers to fill in the Driver’s Log sheet (see reverse). This sheet needs to be returned to the SSC for processing next week.

            If you have any questions, you can speak to an SSC member on any Wednesday night at our school or call the squadron phone number (416) 410-7104 or email at: SSC@283AIRCADETS.CA

I thank you in advance for your support,

Andrew Milligan


Commanding Officer

283 Air Cadet Squadron

283 Squadron DRIVER’S LOG BOOK


  • Proceed directly from the Legion to the designated drop-off site.
  • Cadets should be returned to the same point they departed from (the Legion) unless authorized in advance by the CF Duty Staff.
  • The driver should never be left alone with a cadet. Always ensure that there are at least two cadets (or another adult) in the vehicle at all times.
  • Carry a cell phone for emergencies. Know the phone number of the Legion and the DND Duty Staff, as well as a contact number at the destination if possible.
  • You are driving other people’s children and are expected to drive in a safe, cautious and courteous manner. You are bound to adhere to the “rules of the road” and the requirements of the various Provincial Motor Vehicles Acts/Regulations.

Please Print:

Driver’s Name:


Cell #:


Driver’s License (first or last 4 digits):


D/L Expiry Date:


Insurance Co:


Policy #:


License Plate #:


Car Make/Model:


I agree to be supervised by a DND officer or civilian instructor of the cadet unit which I am volunteering and I hereby certify that I am a licensed and insured driver entrusted with the care and control of the cadets assigned to me.  I will abide by the laws of the Highway Traffic Act and I understand the Air Cadets League’s policy states that cadets must at all times travel and work in pairs or groups.

Signature (sign in and date for each day driving)




Indicate with an “X” your driving availability below…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORTJ

Friday Night

Saturday Morning

Saturday Afternoon


Sunday Afternoon

Welcome to the new official website for 283 Woodbridge Legion Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.

The Air Cadet program is one of greatest youth programs in Canada. With over 75 years of rich history, tradition and tens of thousands of Air Cadet graduates, you are truly in for the "flight of your life". 283 Woodbridge is comprised of approximately 130 cadets who parade every Wednesday night between September and June. Our squadron supports plenty of extra-curricular activities such as: Drill Team, Band, Marksmanship, Orienteering, Ground School Training and more...

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